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A Shortage Message For the New Year

A Shortage Message For the New Year

The 2020-2021 chip shortage will go down in history as one of the most public and extreme examples of the current vulnerability of the electronic supply-chain. Never have the lives of the consumer been so impacted by the combined complications of manufacturers and logistics. Even with money pouring into silicon fab manufactures like Intel and TSMC and investments by large players in the industry like Texas Instruments and Microchip, there is still not a definitive end in sight. 


The Big Picture

Adding to the difficulties faced by manufacturers, according to the WSTS (Word Semiconductor Trade Statistics) there was a large, unexpected 24% jump in demand for semiconductors in 2021. 

Looking forward to towards 2022 and beyond, the WSTS projects another 8.8% jump growth in 2022. This could result in a forecasted $601.5 billion in global demand. The continued need for advanced, difficult to manufacture chips, the increase in demand for consumer goods from automobiles to smart phones, and labor issues impacting factories and supply chains will undoubtably have lasting implications which will continue to drive shortage conditions across the industry into the coming future. 

Trust Us to Help You Succeed

At Abacus, we are continuously striving to offer new and unique solutions for manufacturers struggling and at a loss of how to deal with a situation they have not dealt with before. By offering crosses, programming and bonding solutions while acting as a beacon of information as a consultative, trusted source, we are working to excel at forming and retaining relationships from now and into the coming decade. We desire nothing less than to emerge as a trusted partner during these tumultuous times, and we will stop at nothing to combat this shortage at every turn. 
posted by Michael Waldren
28 Jan 2022



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