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Authorized for Panasonic Automation Products


In the fast-paced world of industrial manufacturing, choosing the right automation partner is crucial. Efficiency, reliability, and innovation are paramount — and that's where Panasonic automation solutions stand out. With over 40 years of design expertise and a robust portfolio of products, Panasonic has cemented its place as a trusted partner in the automation markets, including Automotive, Semiconductor, Packaging, and Biomedical.

Why should factories choose Panasonic over other brands? The answer lies in Panasonic's diverse and technologically advanced product lineup, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of various industries.

Industrial Automation Products
Panasonic’s offerings in industrial sensors, including fiber, photoelectric, laser, pressure, flow, inductive proximity sensors, and more, are engineered for precision and reliability. These sensors are essential for tasks that require exact measurements and error-free operations. The inclusion of wire-saving systems and particular use sensors also provides tailored solutions for unique industrial challenges.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Panasonic's PLCs stand out for their modular design, ranging from compact to full-function systems. They promise minimal programming effort without compromising functionality, thanks to the user-friendly FPWIN Pro software. This reduces programming and debugging time, translating into cost savings for businesses. Coupled with this is Panasonic’s HMI, which provides flexible, bright, and sharp touchscreen terminals complete with 3D parts libraries for efficient interface building.

Communication and Connectivity
The Industry 4.0 Communication Unit (FP-I4C) exemplifies Panasonic's commitment to connectivity, ensuring seamless integration of factory automation devices with the digital world, even for devices without native Ethernet capabilities.

Laser Markers and 2D Code Readers
With decades of experience, Panasonic's Laser Marking Systems and 2D Code Readers are synonymous with innovation and quality. They offer high precision, which is vital for traceability and quality control in production environments.

Static Control and UV Curing Devices
Panasonic's static elimination tools and UV Curing Systems demonstrate the brand's versatility. These are vital components in ensuring the quality and longevity of products in various manufacturing processes.

Machine Safety and Area Sensors
Safety is non-negotiable in any factory setting. Panasonic offers a wide range of safety products that comply with international safety regulations, including Safety Light Curtains and Area Sensors, ensuring worker safety and legal compliance.

Machine Vision Systems
Panasonic Vision Systems are a beacon of innovation with features like Pipeline processing, allowing for ultra-high-speed processing essential for real-time quality control.

AC Servos & Motors
The A5 Series AC Servos and Motors embody precision and dynamic performance, essential for the most demanding systems, thus ensuring maximum productivity and minimal downtime.

Industrial Automation Components
Panasonic's total automation solutions also include temperature controllers, timers, counters, and limit switches, demonstrating the brand's holistic approach to factory automation needs.

Choosing Panasonic over Other Brands

Choosing Panasonic for your automation needs isn't just about purchasing products; it's about investing in a partnership that brings innovation, quality, and reliability to the forefront of your operations. While other brands may offer similar products, Panasonic's commitment to integrated solutions and customer support provides a level of service that goes beyond just the sale.

When selecting an automation solution, the choice extends beyond the technological prowess of the equipment — it’s about the assurance and support that comes with it. That’s why industry leaders turn to Panasonic for their automation needs and rely on trusted partners like Abacus Technologies for procurement and expertise.

Abacus Technologies stands at the forefront as an authorized distributor of Panasonic automation products, underpinning a legacy of excellence with their own customer-centric approach. They are not just a distributor; they are industry experts who understand the nuanced demands of modern manufacturing environments.

*Why Trust Abacus Technologies with Your Panasonic Automation Needs?*

- Expertise and Experience: With deep-rooted expertise in industrial automation, Abacus Technologies has the know-how to tailor Panasonic’s extensive product range to your specific needs. They understand the intricacies of each product, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

- Tailored Solutions: Abacus Technologies takes the time to understand your factory's unique challenges and opportunities, providing personalized solutions that integrate seamlessly with Panasonic's cutting-edge technology.

- Reliable Supply Chain: In today’s world, where supply chain reliability is as crucial as the technology itself, Abacus Technologies ensures a steady and dependable distribution of Panasonic automation products to keep your operations running smoothly.

- Unmatched Support: Their commitment to excellence is mirrored in their customer service and technical support, ensuring that you have access to knowledgeable professionals who are ready to assist you at every turn.

- Seamless Integration: Abacus Technologies doesn’t just supply products; they provide a seamless integration experience, ensuring that your transition to a Panasonic automated system is smooth and hassle-free.

Investing in automation technology through Abacus Technologies ensures not only that you are getting authentic and cutting-edge Panasonic products but also the peace of mind that comes from working with a distributor who understands your needs and is ready to support you every step of the way.

Embark on your journey towards an automated future with confidence. Choose Panasonic’s advanced automation solutions and entrust your supply and support needs to Abacus Technologies — where technology meets reliability and customer satisfaction.

Contact Abacus Technologies today to discover how Panasonic automation can revolutionize your manufacturing processes, enhance efficiency, and drive your business forward. Your future in automation begins here.

posted by Ameal Tesfaye
08 Nov 2023



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