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Ohmite is the leading provider of resistive products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications. Ohmite also leads the way in thermal management for resistive and other technologies offering a vast array of heatsinks

Thermistor Power Chip

We carry the TX series, the first thermistor released by Ohmite. The TX series is available 3 sizes (0402,0603, and 0805). The B-constant of the TX series is taken at 25°C to 85°C with values ranging from 2750K and 4700K. With AEC-Q200 compliance available, your automotive applications await this highly capable thermistor series.

MOX700 Series


The MOX700 is an axial leaded resistor with molded construction with standard tolerances down to 0.1% with tighter tolerances available.Tight tolerance requires low TCR's down to 5ppm for a truly stable part that maintains the value required across the entire operating range. The MOX700 carries a wattage rating of 0.25 watts at 70°C and is available in values from 10 ohms to 1M ohm.



Thick Film High Power Chip Resistor

Ohmite has the solution for high wattage surface mount chips. The ALN series thick film chips offer 3.5 watts of power dissipation in a 2512 package size. This is accomplished with the use of an Aluminum Nitride substrate. Aluminum Nitride (AlNi) dissipates heat far more efficiently than standard Alumina or Ceramic substrates. Ohmite has engineered a thick film printing process to apply a resistive ink to the AlNi substrate creating an optimal chip for high power. Temperature coefficients are down to 150 ppm providing a chip with great stability. 

BGA Heatsinks

We carry Ohmite's line of heatsink solutions that are specifically designed for your BGA and PBGA applications. Ohmite's heatsinks provide a low-cost thermal solution for these specific packages in multiple sizes.

TGHD Series

Using the SOT-227 package, the TGHD series features flat type, 100W high power resistors that require an air-cooled heatsink or water-cooling to reach peak performance. These resistors are offered either with quick connect tabs or flywire leads. The TGHD Series is a great option for applications such as harmonic filters, surge protection, dummy loads, high-frequency amplifiers, and many more!


posted by Ameal Tesfaye
13 Sep 2021



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