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Authorized for ITT Cannon

Introducing the latest innovation in EV charging technology from ITT Cannon

Designed and manufactured in Europe, these connectors are available in 200 A, 250 A, and 300 A variants, with a remarkable boost mode capability up to 500 A. Engineered for optimum performance in today's e-mobility market, these tethered lead mode 4 connectors offer a seamless charging experience. The exchangeable mating face facilitates quick and easy replacement of connector elements, while optional power consumption measurement enhances charging station monitoring and maintenance.
With fully customizable features including handle colors, logos, and end terminals, Abacus Technologies ensures that the series can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Compact, uncooled, and flexible, these connectors represent the future of EV charging technology. Choose Abacus Technologies for a reliable, efficient, and customizable charging solution.

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posted by Ameal Tesfaye
19 Mar 2024



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