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" Abacus has afforded me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. As a growing company in an industry with tremendous opportunity if you work hard and focus then you can accelerate where you want to be in life. Nothing worthwhile is easy and you will face plenty of challenges but if you have a competitive spirit and the ability to bring your "A" game every single day then you will be part of great team and have long fulfilling career."

" Abacus has helped me to reach financial security and stability. If you work hard and persevere you will surely reap the rewards. There is a “team and family mentality” throughout the company and you’re not just an employee, your voice is heard when you need to speak up and help and support are there when you need it."

" Abacus puts you in the driver's seat of your own success. The harder you work the more you will earn, so you're paying yourself with the sweat you're willing to put into it. Add in a great group of people who you enjoy working with, great benefits, and it doesn't feel like you're going to work everyday."

" I started working with Abacus over 6 years ago when I was fresh out of college and I couldn't be happier that I took on the challenge. I knew absolutely nothing about sales or the industry, but with some hard work and consistency I have seen tremendous success. This has been an opportunity for me to grow and learn each day on a professional and personal level. Our office has a pleasant and fun working environment, there is daily coaching from management, and I have been able to see fruits of my labor as I make a higher salary than most people my age! "

" Freedom to Think. In my tenure with Abacus I have learned how to manage a business and manage my own life in order to be successful in both. Abacus has helped me become an upstanding adult and use my brain . I have acquired the sales skills to be successful in any industry but I choose to grow my success here. Management treats you like a person not just a number. This company truly cares about who you are and has the mindset of teamwork. If everyone works together everyone wins."

" What I love about my job at Abacus is the fact that it gives me the platform to do what I love most - help out people. Abacus allows me to help my customers get what they need for their production when they need it. I love knowing that as part of their supply chain, I am able to deliver, to make a difference, and be reliable , to get parts they need on their dock in time to help them get their products out per their production schedule. I also love the atmosphere in our office since it promotes growth and progress; we all have a common goal and understanding of our responsibilities to do our job, to help our customers reach their potentials."

" I’ve worked in this industry for 16+ years. I’ve been with Abacus Technologies for the last 5. Simply put...Abacus is a great company to work for. Management cares and they provide all of the tools necessary to be successful in this industry. It helps too that they have been in business since the mid 80’s. They have been at the forefront regarding industry trends and have a reputation in this industry that makes you proud to be a part of the Abacus team. "

" I've been working for Abacus Technologies for the last 5 years with over 10 years industry experience. Abacus is a great company to work for and brings new and exciting challenges daily. The sales and quality systems that the management team has put in place is what sets us apart from the competitors by far. Everyday I'm proud to be part of this great team here at Abacus."

" I've been a sales rep at Abacus for over twelve years. This was my fist career straight out of college and I'm grateful for having fallen into one that's as stable and lucrative as Abacus so early on in my adult life. Working for Abacus has more than anything, shown me what I'm capable of as an individual and what can be accomplished when I set goals and push myself outside of my comfort zone. I've grown so much here as an individual and have watched my teammates do the same. Focus, dedication, and bigger picture thinking is key to succeed. Managers and teammates are always available to lend a helping hand where needed. There is no cap to your success here. There is always room for growth and improvement, all while being able to reap the benefits of your cumulative hard work and dedication to managing your book of business."

" Ethics to Goals. During my time at Abacus, I have realized that the company set me up for success, professionally and personally from the beginning. Abacus took my skill set and worked with me to be the most successful at my job. The formula of consistent training, one on one mentoring and support throughout the sales process has been key to my success. I enjoy the competitiveness and camaraderie of the people I work with in my office and other locations. We are a team in every manner and have the same goals to be solution solvers and partners with our clients, while demonstrating the highest of ethics in all we do."

" Working for Abacus has been a very interesting experience. The work environment is pleasant and the support of the managers and leadership has been constant. The fact that they promote individual growth and stimulate good relations with customers speaks volumes about the company's priorities. Being able to be an integral part of the supply chain in an industry with very high income potential and room for growth is a great motivation to improve day by day."

" At Abacus you will have the opportunity to connect with your customer's, providing value in their supply chain and develop long term relationships. All of this, based on continuous support from your manager and the Abacus team. With effort, hard work and passion, the sky is the limit. In my journey at Abacus, I have learned a lot in sales techniques. All of the manager's are willing to share their knowledge and point out your opportunity areas. A very human company!"

" An outstanding team of professional individuals, and a growing company that invests a lot into their employees. I choose Abacus for its commitment to being the best, while also challenging employees to get the most out of them. An excellent career path for anyone who exhibits hard work, dedication, and career development. My personal and professional life have garnered many benefits by working with Abacus, and I look forward to continuous success with the company."

" Abacus has afforded me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I had no electronics component experience. I have worked hard, learned the industry with help from management and peers and am beginning to see the benefits/payoff. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are go getter, that doesn’t give up easily, then you’ll be a good fit. Abacus also offers very good benefits to their employees."

" Abacus has provided me and my family the opportunity to reach financial security and stability. If you put your head down, ignore the noise and do the work you will see unlimited financial rewards. Being a member of the California tem, there is a very real “team and family mentality” throughout the office. Your voice is heard when you speak up and help and support are there when you need it."

" The position I took with Abacus Technologies couldn’t have been better timed, as I was looking for an opportunity to transfer my extensive skill set and experience to a lucrative and expanding industry. Abacus turned out to be one of those rare instances in my career where I legitimately regret not having started working for them a lot earlier; the potential for long-term and ever-expanding growth is without comparison. My direct manager is both a formidable salesman and coach who is committed to my success. I could not have made a better career move by accepting the offer from Abacus Technologies."