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Our Team


At Abacus Technologies, we focus on one thing: providing our customers with high quality electronic components. Every member of the team – from our account executives to our shipping and quality departments – is specially trained in working with electronic components.

As a manufacturer, you know how important components are to the world in which we live. They’re everywhere. They’re in everything. Many people take that for granted, but not us.

We have more than 100 employees across the globe, each trained to understand the electronic component market and the needs of the industry.


When you contact Abacus Technologies you can count on getting personal service from an executive who speaks your language and understands your unique needs. This experience helps them provide you with unparalleled service, targeted to your specific needs.

Our account executives are here to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

By ensuring our component sources share our quality control values, we dramatically increase the likelihood that the components that move forward to the testing process pass without issue.


Managing six global warehouses isn’t easy, but our shipping and receiving teams know how it’s done.

More than throwing a label on a box and sending it out the warehouse door, good shipping requires precision, excellent organization, and superb attention to detail.

By using the latest software tracking and logistics systems and by following ISO-certified best practices, our shipping teams have what it takes to put the products you need on your front door in a moment’s notice.


Abacus Technologies not only implements quality control best practices, but we’ve also used our extensive experience to develop our own internal framework for ensuring the parts we stock and sell are of the highest quality.

If our inventory is the lifeblood of our company then our quality control department is our heart. Components must pass rigorous quality control tests if they want to make it into our inventory.


The component industry is constantly changing, which keeps our purchasing department busy. They’re constantly studying our order records and comparing it to supplies in the market.

By placing large, market-directed inventory buys, our purchasing team is always trying to stay ahead of shortage situations.

That’s why Abacus can supply many of the parts that other distributors can’t. That’s just another reason you can count on us.



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