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Communication systems connect the world, whether it be transmitting medical information or reporting news. Abacus carries a broad range of components for network communication end systems. We have products used by end systems like network and gateways and the equipment that powers those end systems. We can help with products being used in data centers, central offices, cell tower, fiber optics, mobile internet, and cloud based applications. We are built on longstanding collaborative relationships with manufacturers to provide you with the equipment's you need for your communication industry. This includes mobile device-oriented technologies, multimedia processing, power control wired or wireless.

Military communication remains the head of modern day communication with ruggedness setting the limit of today's harsh environments. Abacus carries a portfolio of high performance RF products that meet the needs of today's demands. Most defense communications today are based on Software Defined Radio which has led to more cost-efficient communications over larger operating bandwidths.

A reliable communication infrastructure is a very important requirement in the mobile communication business. We have solutions for:

  • Powerful ARM Cortex MCUs

  • Modem Circuits

  • Protection circuits

  • Wireless modules

  • GPS solutions

  • Bluetooth

The Abacus Technology


Abacus has the largest selection of semiconductor products. We have more than 30 years of experience supplying the global market with a diverse product offering, excellent service and a large inventory spread across six locations in the United States and United Kingdom. We're the preferred vendors for many high-profile OEM's and CM's but also versatile enough to serve our smaller customers.

At Abacus, we pride ourselves on fast delivery, diverse product offerings and excellent customer service. You can count on Abacus for your electronic component needs.